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Professor Marc Moulton creates sculpture for OTC

"Entwined" by BFSDoArt Professor Marc Moulton

“Entwined” by BFSDoArt Professor Marc Moulton

Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art Sculpture Professor Marc Moulton has created the newest artwork featured on the Ogeechee Technical College campus, Statesboro. The 14-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture, entitled “Entwined,” is on display near the college’s Health Science Building-South.

Moulton’s artwork was featured in the Sunday, July 21 edition of the Statesboro Herald. In the article, he explains that “Entwined” was inspired in most part by the ancient symbol for medicine and healthcare of a snake curled around a vertical spike, the Rod of Asclepius. To modernize and the piece and reference today’s digital age, Moulton said that he also included stylized references to the letters OTC.

The sculpture faces the fountain and waterfall featured in the center of campus.

Read the complete story on Statesboro Herald’s website.


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