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Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition

May 3 – 7, 2010
Reception: May 7; 5 – 7pm

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art at Georgia Southern University is pleased to present the works of the Bachelor of Fine Arts graduating class of Spring 2010. Titled Thresholds, the exhibition will be on display in the Center for Art & Theatre from May 3rd through May 7th, 2010 with a closing reception May 7th from 5 – 7pm; all are invited to attend.

Thresholds is defined as a place of entering, a point at which physiological or psychological effects begin to be produced, and a value above which something will be considered true. The multiple meanings of Thresholds embody a commonality between ten artists whose mediums include photography, painting, drawing and ceramics.

Though different mediums, three artists toy with the thresholds of memory, anxiety, abstraction, intimacy, creation and beauty. Tami Henry, Jessica Eanes and Elizabeth Debban’s works evoke empathy in their viewers. Henry photographs personal memorabilia in new settings, which reinvent the memory connected to the object where Eanes stages objects and actors in scenes reminiscent of film-noir to sensitize the viewer to her debilitating phobias.  Similarly, Debban connects the viewer to the struggle of the Alzheimer’s patient and family though symbolic representations of memory loss.

Kristen Camp, Ashley Davis and Daniel Maskery’s photographs teeter on the threshold of abstraction. Camp’s scanography transforms everyday objects into luminescent stripes of light and color that dance across the picture plane.  Davis’s photographs of found wood grain record a process of holding onto her roots as she prepares to leave her home. Maskery’s series of self-portraits, couples and dream-like landscapes are formal experimentations with light and composition.

Ceramicists Jeanne Henry and Kim Riner are drawn to the elemental thresholds the medium passes through in the process of creation: earth, water, air and fire.  Riner views her work molding clay as an extension and appreciation of God’s creativity whereas Henry is interested in harnessing the energy, unpredictability and complexity of the firing process.

Nicole Augustine and Abby Zimmerman’s paintings reveal the under-appreciated and overlooked in nature. Augustine focuses on a painting process that produces “happy accidents” as she investigates the shapes and textures in nature; Zimmerman glorifies the most humble of nature’s creations while exposing nasty truths behind some of its striking beauty.

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program, made from a dynamic, multi-faceted curriculum and led by exceptional faculty, graduates many gifted and diverse undergraduate students each year.  The Department will host a closing reception honoring these graduates on May 7th, 2010 and is open to the public.

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