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Alumni from the College of Arts and Humanities currently number over 16,400. These individuals all successfully completed degree programs from Georgia Southern University with majors in one of the ten departments within our college. The alumni now find themselves throughout the United States and the world engaged in significant leadership roles. Additionally, some of our most recent graduates are building on their academic foundation from Georgia Southern and are now continuing their education in graduate programs before taking on their next positions.

Our past graduates participate in all sectors of leadership. Launching from the fine arts, our graduates are working in leadership roles in art museums, as artists and musicians, as actors or theatre technicians, and within the field of education. Humanities graduates are lawyers, journalists, technical and creative writers, curators, and much more. Graduates from our social sciences are faculty members, civil rights workers, hospital staff and administrators, news and television writers and anchors, businesspersons, and a host of other significant jobs.

We invite you to participate in the many activities sponsored by the College of Arts and Humanities or by the University. As we did when you were with us, we still have several theater productions throughout the year; many faculty and student recitals; art shows that showcase faculty, student, and alumni art; and lectures and presentations. Additionally there are athletic events throughout the year to remind you of the Georgia Southern spirit. We invite you to come back to your academic home often.

Visit the Georgia Southern Alumni website.

Last updated: 4/20/2022