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A minor in Africana Studies, coupled with your major in marketing, management, political science, criminal justice, English, history, sociology, anthropology, early childhood or secondary education, community health, family and consumer sciences, or any other area, will expand you career opportunities and broaden your awareness of international affairs.

An understanding of the contributions of peoples of African descent made throughout the world economically, politically, culturally, and socially will apply to rewarding careers in a variety of areas including:

  • Broadcasting/Journalism
  • Legislation
  • Civil Services
  • Politics
  • Employment Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Health Care
  • Teaching
  • Housing Administration
  • Union Representation
  • Law
  • Urban Planning

Required courses to complete the minor:

AAST 3230    Introduction to Africana Studies
AAST 4630   Seminar in Africana Studies

Students must take at least one course from these two areas-humanities and social sciences and may include no more than one lower division course.

The 15-hour minor includes at least 12 hours of upper level coursework.

Foreign Languages:

AAST/FREN 3336    Francophone Cultures of Africa & The Caribbean
AAST/SPAN 5330    African-Hispanic Culture

AAST/ART 3435African Art and Culture
AAST/ART 3436African American Art
AAST/MUSC 5132Jazz History
AAST/THEA 3332African American Theatre
Speech Communication:
AAST/SPCM 4337Rhetoric of Social Movements
ENGL 2100L&H Black Vampires
AAST/ENGL 3231Survey of African American Literature
ENGL 3350Afrofuturism Tourism – Intro to African American Literature
AAST/ENGL 5539Literature by Women
HIST 3020African Diaspora
AAST/HIST 3130African American History to 1877
AAST/HIST 3131African American History since 1877
AAST/HIST 3530History of Africa to 1800
AAST/HIST 3531History of Africa since 1800
AAST/HIST 4532Destruction of Slavery
AAST/HIST 5233The American City
Criminal Justice:
CRJU 3733Inequalities, Crime & Justice
Political Science:
AAST/POLS 3237African American Politics
AAST/POLS 3431African Politics
AAST/SOCI 4333Race and Ethnicity
AAST/SOCI 4431Inequality
AAST/SOCI 4332Society of Gender
AAST/ANTH 5435The Rural South
AAST/ANTH 5437Cultures of Africa
AAST/ANTH 5530Sociolinguistics
ASST/GEOG 4330Geography of Africa South of The Sahara

Last updated: 4/13/2021