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Georgia Southern Bushes

Africana Studies

Throughout mankind’s history, people of African descent have made important contributions to the world at large economically, politically, culturally, and socially.

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The African Studies program is very important to me because I am of African descent and through this program I can study my heritage in an academic setting. As an English major with intentions to pursue a doctorate in African-American literature, I have found valuable opportunities to explore different areas of my emphasis. Culture, politics, history, and other topics are pertinent to the understanding of the literature of a people.”

Keemelah Martin, English major

The Africana Studies minor program is an essential component to an inclusive comprehensive education … It introduces students to concepts and cultures that aren’t covered in other areas. The Center for Africana Studies will aid Georgia Southern University in its efforts to become recognized as one of the most comprehensive, student centered universities in the nation.”

Francys Johnson, Political Science major

A broad and holistic world view is an essential aspect of receiving the best possible education and of achieving maximum personal potential.”

Kristi West, International Studies major